Sales Conditions

1. Preliminary remarks

Following general terms of sale apply to all orders made on us. By the mere fact of his order, the buyer shall be deemed accepted without any reservations. Unless confirmed in writing by us, no deviation from these terms and conditions may be invoked against us, nor under any other terms and conditions stipulated in the documents issued by the purchaser nor on the basis of agreements made with our representatives. When there is no written confirmation, the invoice is seen as valid.

 2. Offerings

Unless otherwise stipulated, our offerings, catalogs and prices follow an informative character and are not binding on us. Orders are only valid if they are confirmed in writing. In case of no written confirmation, the invoice is seen as valid. Our goods are sold unpackaged when leaving our warehouse, unless otherwise agreed.

3. Transfer of risks

The goods travel at buyers risk, even when shipment is franco. They are considered accepted by the buyer before leaving our warehouse or factory. No complaints will be accepted for damage, loss, break or shortage arising during transportation. No rejection of goods will be accepted without prior agreement.

4. Delivery times 

 Delivery dates are only indicative. Delivery times exceeded give the buyer by no means the right to refuse the order, nor to demand fees or interest. Even with explicit and formal written designation of delivery dates by the buyer, we reject any responsibility.

a) at force majeure

b) if payment terms are not strictly respected by the buyer.

5. Payment

All invoices are payable in cash, unless stated otherwise at our office. Payments made to our representatives are only valid if the receipt is acknowledged. The non-payment of an accepted effect immediately and automatically makes any claim against the buyer claimable. The buyer can not rely on a complaint lodged by him to suspend payment or other obligations. Each invoice or bill of exchange, which is not paid when due, will charge a conventional interest rate of 1% per month of delay as from the due date of the invoice. Besides the interest bill, the invoice will be increased by an amount equal to 10% of its amount with a minimum of € 25, if payment is not done one month after the due date. The issuance of bills does not have any novation or departure from our general sales conditions as a result.

6. Ownership

Ownership of the goods sold goes to the buyer after all obligations regarding purchase are met including costs and interests.

7. Warranty - complaints

The warranty granted by the seller covers only the hidden defects. To be eligible, any complaint about any hidden defects must be sent by registered mail to us within eight days as of the date they are discovered or should have been discovered.

8. Disputes

In case of dispute only the court of the domicile or the court of  the registered office of the seller have jurisdiction. Unless the seller decides to proceed the case to any other competent court.